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When could you drop IE8 support image

Sencha provides a new blog post about a browser survey the did lately. They asked more then 400 developers when to drop IE8 support. Their conclusion is truly disappointing. It looks like enterprise developers  have to support IE8 at least until end of 2015. Which is quite a long time. Then we still have IE9 to live with. Luckily Sencha will help us doing so. This survey was made to know, how long Ext JS has to support IE8 too.Because we are doing SaaS for some of our customers, I analyzed our server statistics within the last three month to see, what is used by our customers most. All users are in companies > 10k employees up to the ...

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Limits of img data URI image

data URIs (RFC 2397) are a great way to embed external content into an HTML document (or a CSS stylesheet). On the one hand they circumvent a secondary HTTP request to fetch the external content but on the other hand they also make storing full HTML documents so much easier - just one file including all the external content such as stylesheets and images.That's the theory and that has been discussed in detail already. Problematic is, again, our lovely Internet Explorer 8 - I'm not talking about IE 7 and earlier here... Microsoft somewhen decided that: Data URIs cannot be larger than 32,768 characters. A requirement that has been loosened with one IE9 beta late 2010, by the way. So far so ...

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