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Concept to your success

Our team of specialists for software development, security and operations provides you with a fully comprehensive all-round package. As “full-stack” vendor we develop not only your software at the highest level, we also offer the whole operation in a professional environment.

The perfect interaction of software development, administration and support allows you to fully concentrate on your core business. Our concept:

  • a perfectly suitable software mix matching your needs
  • professional optimized server setup
  • operations by already fully trained personnel for server and software

Sustainable & Green

We take responsibility for our environment and for our future. Since our beginnings we are aware of our responsibility for our employees, our products, resources and the environment.

Since 2006 our offices are supplied by 100% renewable energy. The management is committed in private as well. Of course, we also pay attention when selecting our partners on the environmentally conscious use of resources. This includes our CO2-neutral and 100% green electricity fed from data centers.

TEQlibs as guarantee for success

For more than 13 years, our customers benefit from our development framework TEQlibs. It is an integral part in most of our solutions. The framework reduces development effort and thus reduces your costs. They also benefit from security mechanisms whose use is too often overlooked.

With TEQlibs you get an improved functionality for the same development effort. They achieve a cost reduction at the same time competitive advantage.

Standardised surfaces facilitate access and improve usability. Modern look and feel, current technologies such as AJAX and the use of Javascript frameworks such as Sencha ExtJS are consistent development.

Made in Germany

We focus on german engineering and develop for you since 2003 in Stuttgart.

With us no line of code is released that has not gone through our strict quality inspections. Behaviour- or test-driven development, clean code and continuous integration are our daily business.

Direct communication with the customer  and within our development teams are a key component of project success. Outsourcing to cut costs often results in loss of quality and failures and is not on our project plan.