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Risks when integrating enterprise software into a CMS image

Why Integrating Enterprise Software into Your CMS Poses More Risks Than Benefits In the digital age, many companies opt to modernize their web presence with the help of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress or TYPO3. This decision undoubtedly brings many advantages, from the ease of content management to improving the user experience on the website. However, some companies tend to integrate not just their website but also significant parts of their business models into the CMS. This includes customer databases, order processing, and other business-critical processes. At first glance, this may seem like an efficient solution, but it carries substantial risks that can lead to business failure. 1. Security Risks Integrating business-critical systems into a CMS can endanger your company's security. ...

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Our know-how as contribution to the public good image

or a new and free of charge team management for the team sport to digitalize voluntary workWe at TEQneers live for and develop software for more than 16 years. Our know-how began in the mid-90s with solutions for the Internet. At that time we started with simple ordering services and small dashboards in companies. Today we deliver enterprise software solutions for the automotive industry, financial world, flight operations up to the accounting of environmental data. All of these solutions make their contribution to the digitization and sometimes seek their peers. In creating these solutions we have gained invaluable knowledge in software development for mobile devices (iOS and Android), web-based browser solutions, backend services and, of course, software operations in ...

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JsMag just published an article writte by Stefan Gehrig about template usage in ExtJS image

JsMag, the magazine for JavaScript professionals, just released its May 2011 issue. On page 12 one of our senior developers Stefan Gehrig describes templating basics and the usage of templates in Ext JS components in a detailed 11 page long article. Ext JS has been an inherent part of our internal development framework and life-cycle for years now. Ext JS is used in numerous customer projects as well as in our own product line, especially in TEQtest. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Webseite von ...

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Spotlight presents development companies of web-based solutions using Ext JS. image

TEQneers was one out of four companies, which were introduced in the spotlight of Sencha's blog. Sencha showed their customer how comfortable and easy a web interface can be, if it is based on Ext JS. They used TEQtest as a perfect example.Ext JS is an integral part of our development framework. This is great for our TEQtest customer, but its even better for our customers doing custom development with us. They get all advantages of the framework and Ext JS as well.More information at Sencha ...

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TEQneers – confirmed Sencha development company image

Currently TEQneers is the only European Sencha development company confirmed by its customers. Sencha lists all developers on its platform , which have significant development know-how in Sencha frameworks like Ext JS, Ext GWT and Sencha Touch.Currently TEQneers is the only european Sencha development company of two in total that have been recognized by its customers.The Sencha Framework Ext JS is an key part of our development framework TEQlibs and is used in most of our projects and TEQtest.TEQneers on ...

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