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Violation of intellectual property rights by using the software “SoFi” image

As managing directors of TEQneers GmbH & Co. KG ("TEQneers") we would like to inform you about the following situation: For more than ten years TEQneers - as sole and exclusive development partner since 2003 - has developed and maintained the software "SoFi" for thinkstep AG ("thinkstep"). The cooperation between TEQneers and thinkstep was terminated in March 2016. "SoFi" has been developed using the "TEQlibs" framework. TEQneers have developed this framework and own the exclusive intellectual property rights relating thereto. Since the termination of the cooperation between TEQneers and thinkstep in March 2016 – there has been an ongoing dispute about the question if and to what extent thinkstep is entitled to use the framework TEQlibs notwithstanding this termination. As per the language ...

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