or a new and free of charge team management for the team sport to digitalize voluntary work

We at TEQneers live for and develop software for more than 16 years. Our know-how began in the mid-90s with solutions for the Internet. At that time we started with simple ordering services and small dashboards in companies. Today we deliver enterprise software solutions for the automotive industry, financial world, flight operations up to the accounting of environmental data. All of these solutions make their contribution to the digitization and sometimes seek their peers. In creating these solutions we have gained invaluable knowledge in software development for mobile devices (iOS and Android), web-based browser solutions, backend services and, of course, software operations in distributed environments. Our customers value and benefit from this expertise when implementing solutions for them.

We also want to make our knowledge available to others. Since many of our employees have also been doing community service in their free time for years and we appreciate this social commitment, we get involved, too. The knowledge of our employees in the field of team sports, paired with supporters from clubs and our software expertise ignited the idea to create myteam App. TEQneers has provided developer capacity and operating environments to provide coaches, parents and team sport players with modern and easy-to-use software to manage their teams. Mobile as an app for Apple’s iPhones and Android phones, myteam is now available and free of charge to all enthusiastic. We see it as our contribution to the public good. Digitization should be increased in voluntary work and non-profits to simplify everyday tasks and organizational activities.

Your data stays where it belongs because myteam is developed and operated in Germany. Privacy is important to us. Especially because software solutions in this context often contain data from children. The myteam App has been developed according to the latest standards and from scratch following these premises. We’ve started with scheduling, joining and rejecting and managing the team data. Functions for matchday and training planning, a team cashier and much more will follow. But the family account is at the top of the list. The clarity of the planning of the leisure time for parents and the knowledge about used data of their children, we always keep an eye on.